Real Estate Bonus Offer

Receive a 20% discount on first purchase of any 3 in 1 Package Deal.

Valid to Real Estate Agents only.

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You are also welcome to enquire into a custom package to suit your needs. All products include site appointment, digital image enhancements and quality images. You will receive the final images via email.

If you would like more information or to request a price list, please contact us.

Aerial photography provides an excellent understanding in the layout of the landscape for prospective buyers. By including key features that complement the property such as a bird’s eye view, a facade or a home that incorporates an extraordinary backdrop will assist in generating sales by offering a whole different perspective.

Choose from either one of our 2D black & white, 2D colour or 3D colourfloor plans to give your perspective buyers an idea of the general size and design layout of the home. Incorporating a floor plan into your advertising may save you valuable time if the perspective buyer is aware of the size and layout before booking a possible uneventful inspection.

The benefits of using Aerial Videography can some up the property within minutes for potential buyers. We incorporate many key features into the video that will complement the property such as a bird’s eye view, a facade or a home that incorporates an extraordinary backdrop. Video's are captured in 4K Ultra High Definition quality along with background instrumental audio. In addition to providing videography for real estate, we also shoot and edit footage for all types of business advertising and promotions.

Let the high resolution picture paint a thousand words by making your property stand out and sell faster with high quality wide angle images.

At Blue Apple Media we capture images according to the client’s requirements. This mostly includes the key features of the property. We may also capture images at our own discretion that we consider to be a stand out feature, therefore providing the client with more of a selection if they so desire.